Nostalgix TCG - Starter Deck "Divine Rule" Englisch

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The Starter Deck "Devine Rule" features an army of fighters that can deal as much damage as they can heal. The Nostalgix TCG - Starter Decks contain everything you need to get started - a full pre-constructed deck of 50 cards, a matching hero card and four D-10 dice.

Nostalgix is the culmination of decades of trading card game experience from industry veterans. By blending their favorite mechanics from the long history of classic card games and introducing several more unique to Nostalgix they have created a game that feels familiar yet fresh.

In the debut Base Set, a worldwide event has trapped anyone who falls asleep in a shared lucid world populated by characters from fictional universes humans have invented over the years. Join Heroes like Vix of the Six and Doctor Corvus and clash Fighters like the powerful Booster Box Dragon, Avengaline, and Gametron against each other to reclaim 10 portal counters, return these characters to their rightful homes and restore the multiverse!

This Starter Deck matches perfectly against the "Cluster Fox" Starter Deck for a well-balanced, fun gameplay with your friends. This ensures a great experience from the first round on.