DragonBall Super Card Game Masters Zenkai Series Ex Set 07 B24-C Collector’s Booster Display (12 Packs) Englisch

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- For box topper, 1 Double-side Holo Leader Card will be included.
- One of the SR, SPR, OR SPR CARD is included in the pack.
- Contains three SCRs from Z07 with different illustrations.
- Exclusive to Collector’s booster “Super Low Pull Rate” card is now available in new design.

Common (silver foil ver.) x60
Uncommon (silver foil ver.)x30
Rare (silver foil ver.) x29
Super Rare x18
Special Rare x14
Secret Rare x3
Special Leader Rare x9
Exclusive Illustration (silver foil ver.) ×36
Exclusive Illustration (holo ver.) ×33
Exclusive Illustration SCR (holo ver.) x3
Exclusive illustration (new holo ver.) ×1
*236 types total