Akora TCG - Warped Crusaders - Booster Box (20 Packs) Englisch

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Continuing our journey in the wake of Spellbound Wings, Akora TCG brings you the next exciting chapter in the unfolding saga within the world of Ikithia. Warped Crusaders arrives in style with a brand new look, taking fan favorite Akora and Alchemy cards and warping them into a new Attribute. The battle lines have been drawn; will you side with the Alchemy Crusaders or the Damned Legion?

16 Full Art Rares.
16 Generational Rares.
60 Holographic Cards.
130 Mechanically Unique Cards.
2 Alternate Full Arts 1 of 100 Serialized Cards.
3 Extended Arts: Two 1 of 500’s and One Box Topper 1 of 1000
Ancient & Secret Rare Cards which redefine collectibility with only 5 of each existing.
12 Booster Boxes in a case.
1 Box Topper Pack in each Booster Box featuring four Holographic stage 1 Akora.
20 Booster Packs in a Booster Box.
10 cards per pack.

This is a feature-rich set providing 16 Akora chains in which each chain has 3 stages meaning there are 48 amazing Akora to collect and play with. 10 attributes, and 5 types there is a playstyle for everyone. Utilizing powerful Alchemy cards, players will battle it out to become Master Alchemists.

Product Configuration: 10 cards per pack, 20 packs per box, 12 boxes per case